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What piece of equipment would a student use to find the mass of a rock?
a) ruler
b) balance
c) spring scale
d) thermometer

A student makes the following hypothesis. I think that salt will dissolve faster in hot water. What should the student change during the investigation?
a) the amount of salt
b) the amount of water
c) the temperature of the salt
d) the temperature of the water

A student conducts an experiment to determin which spoon best conducts heat from water. Which variable should the student change?
a) the size of the container that holds the water
b) the temperature of the water in the container
c) the material from which the spoons are made
d) the amount of time the spoons are left in the water

Students want to know if the speed of water affects soil erosion. Which hypothesis best supports this investigation?
a) If the sand is used, then more of it will be eroded than if the clay is used.
b) If plants are present, then more soil will be eroded than if there were no plants present.
c) If the temperature of the soil is high, the more soil will be eroded than if the temperature is low
d) If the speed of the water is fast, then more soil will be eroded than if the speed is slow.

Which of these is a testable hypothesis?
a) Sunflowers are the prettiest flower
b) Items made from iron are magnetic
c) The best parts of school are recess and lunch
d) Chocolate cake tastes better than cheescake

Which question would be best for a student to choose for a science experiment?
a) How many asteroids are in the asteroid belt?
b) How are paper, aluminum, and glass recycled?
c) Why are earthworms found on the sidewalk after a rain?
d) How does the amount of water affect the growth of a plant?

A student observed a dog jumpin through hoops and then rolling over. What is a reasonable conclusion based on these observations?
a) The dog was taught how to jump and roll over.
b) The dog was very smart and knew many tricks.
c) The dog was able to receive a treat after doing the tricks.
d) The dog was able to do tricks because he inherited this ability.

A student lives near the beach. He observes that every summer the ocean shore appears to move closer to his home.Which would be the most reasonable conclusion from his observations
a) The tides are moving at a faster rate.
b) The tides are higher during the summer.
c) The beach has more tides during the summer.
d) The beach is constantly being eroded by water and wind.

Which of the following is a solution?
a) fruit salad
b) ocean water
c) cereal and milk
d) sand and water

What would be evidence that a bear is a carnivore?
a) thick fur
b) long legs
c) short tail
d) sharp teeth

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