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What does the Renaissance mean?
a) A rebirth of ideas and culture from the past
b) A rebirth of church ideas
c) A rebirth of the Fuedal system
d) A rebirth of the Catholic Church

Which of the following "Renaissance Men" is not matched correctly to their achievement?
a) Da Vinci - Mona Lisa
b) Michelangelo - The Last Supper
c) Newton - Law of Gravity
d) Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet

The Renaissance started in...
a) Wittenberg, Germany
b) Athens, Greece
c) Rome, Italy
d) Florence, Italy

The printing press was created in 1440 by Gutenberg, what impact did it have on the world during the Renaissance?
a) It helped spread ideas about the Reformation to all of Europe
b) It made making copies easier and faster
c) It allowed kings to have more control over their people
d) Gave the Catholic Church ultimate power over the nobles and serfs

Vernacular means...
a) Religious reform
b) Forgiveness of sins for money
c) Common language
d) Protestantism

_______________ started the Reformation in _______.
a) Da Vinci/1516
b) Martin Luther/1517
c) Da Vinci/1517
d) Martin Luther/1516

The Reformation begane in Wittenberg, Germany when Luther did...
a) Printed his ideas on the printing press and sent them to the king
b) Got a divorce from his wife
c) Argued his case at the Diet of Worms
d) Nailed his 95 problems to the church door

Henry VIII had how many wives?
a) 5
b) 6
c) 7
d) 8

Which is the correct order of rules for Henry VIII's kids
a) Edward, Mary, Elizabeth
b) Mary, Elizabeth, Edward
c) Elizabeth, Mary, Edward
d) Edward, Elizabeth, Mary

Luther originally started out to do what?
a) Start a new church called The Lutheran Church
b) Start a church that allows divorce
c) Fix the problems of the Catholic Church
d) Try to become Pope

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