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Washington had his men cross this river to start the Battle of Trenton.
a) Allegheny
b) Ohio
c) Delaware
d) Jersey

Leader for the British in the Battle of Trenton.
a) Lord Cornwallis
b) General Wolf
c) Admiral Howe
d) Johann Rall

Number of casualties from the Continental Army in the Battle of Trenton.
a) 500
b) 50
c) 5
d) 5000

The name of the army General Washington commanded.
a) Continental Army
b) Republic Army
c) Militia
d) Revolutionary Army

What did the British do after the Siege of Yorktown?
a) Launched an attack on New York
b) Surrendered to George Washington
c) Retreated to Boston
d) Retreated to Virginia

Year of the Siege of Yorktown.
a) 1776
b) 1777
c) 1790
d) 1781

American forces outnumbered the British forces by how many during the Siege of Yorktown?
a) Over 10,000
b) Less than 10,000
c) 500
d) 5000

About how many Hessian soldiers were missing or captured during the Battle of Trenton?
a) 8000
b) 80
c) 800
d) None

British commander during the Siege of Yorktown.
a) Charles Cornwallis
b) Marquis de Lafayette
c) General Howe
d) Johann Rall

Date of the Battle of Trenton.
a) Dec. 26, 1776
b) Dec. 26, 1976
c) Dec. 25, 1776
d) Oct. 12, 1776

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