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This code directed the lives of the samurai:
a) Shinto
b) Bushido
c) Mahayana
d) Theravada

He was a shrewd warrior who built an empire that stretched from modern-day Iraq to India, and from the Arabian Sea to modern-day Kazakhstan:
a) Timur Lenk
b) Genghis Khan
c) Kublai Khan
d) Marco Polo

This is the state religion of Japan and considers the emperor divine:
a) Mahayna
b) Therevada
c) Zen
d) Shinto

Among the followers of Buddhism in India, one group believed that it was following the original teachings of the Buddha and called themselves the school of:
a) Mahanaya
b) Theravada
c) Bushido
d) Shinto

This stressed the view that nirvana could be achieved through devotion to the Buddha:
a) Mahayana
b) Bushido
c) Zen
d) Theravada

Although the Japanese emperor supposedly was the paramount leader of Japan, in reality, his power was gradually eroded by powerful Japanese warlords known as:
a) Mayhana
b) Samurai
c) Daimyo
d) Shoguns

In the Chinese society these individuals were considered to be the political and economic elite:
a) Scholar-gentry
b) Buddhist monks
c) Khanates
d) Mahayana

These were Japanese warriors who swore to uphold Bushido and fight bravely:
a) Samurai
b) Bushido
c) Mahayana
d) Shinto

An accomplishment of the Tang dynasty was in the field of ceramics and the perfected making of:
a) Bronze
b) Iron
c) Porcelain
d) Frescos

After Genghis Khan died, his once-united empire was split into separate territories called:
a) Shoguns
b) Bushido
c) Shinto
d) Khanates

In marriage, a girl's parents were expected to provide a:
a) Way of passage
b) Dowry
c) Bushido
d) Shinto

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