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What was one of the biggest complaints of the Anti-Federalists in regards to the U.S. Constitution?
a) It gave too much power to the President.
b) It did not have a system of checks and balances.
c) They thought a Federal Republic would not work.
d) The document had no Bill of Rights.

In the Georgia Constitution, what is the first article?
a) voting and elections
b) Bill of Rights
c) County and local governments
d) ways to amend the constititution

Which of the following is matched correctly?
a) Legislative branch - enforces law
b) Judicial branch - interprets the law
c) Executive branch - create the law
d) Don't pick

The executive branch is able to create laws.
a) True
b) False
c) Don't pick
d) Not this answer.

Which of the following BEST defines federalism?
a) It is the sharing of power among different levels of government: national, state, and local.
b) It is the right of people to vote in all democratic elections.
c) It is the formation of government governed by a constitution.
d) It is the sharing of power among the three branches.

What did the 3/5 Compromise state?
a) It stated all educated citizens would be allowed to vote but only 3/5 of the uneducated votes would count.
b) It stated that over half of the state's GDP had to come from agriculture.
c) It stated that only 3/5 of the state's population could be male.
d) It stated that only 3/5 of the slave population would count toward a state's total population.

What did the Great Compromise do?
a) It made sure to count slaves as part of the general population of each state.
b) It created a bicameral legislative branch.
c) It stated that there would be an even number of Northern vs. Southern states.
d) It allowed the British and colonists to work together to create laws for the new nation.

What is an amendment?
a) A title for a member that is elected to represent the citizens.
b) A change that is made to the U.S. Constitution.
c) An individual freedom that is guaranteed.
d) The process of allowing the people to vote.

Our nation began as a Confederation but is now a strong Republic.
a) True
b) False
c) Don't pick.
d) Don't pick.

What type of government does America have?
a) Socialism
b) Democracy
c) Federal Republic
d) Constitutional Monarchy

The Senate must approve all the Supreme Court Justices the President appoints.
a) True
b) False
c) Don't pick
d) No, not this one.

The right to an education is part of our Bill of Rights
a) True
b) False
c) Don't pick
d) Not this one.

Which branch of government can impeach a President or governor?
a) No!
b) Judicial
c) Executive
d) Legislative

Only the legislative branch can create laws.
a) True
b) False
c) No
d) Don't pick

What is popular sovereignty?
a) Power is given to the people through the use of voting.
b) These are the basic freedoms granted to the citizens that are spelled out in the Bill of Rights.
c) The idea that representatives are elected to speak on behalf of the citizens.
d) This is the division of power among the three branches of government.

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