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_____________________, the better he gets.
a) The more he practises
b) The most practising
c) As he practises more

If anything goes wrong, contact me as soon as you can; __________________.
a) the soonest, the better
b) the sooner, the better
c) as sooner, the better

___________________, the more you want.
a) The richer you have
b) The most you have
c) The more you have

__________________, the more you realise how stupid he is.
a) The more he talks
b) More he talks
c) The most he talks

___________________, the more accurate my answers are.
a) More concentrate I am
b) The more I concentrate
c) More I concentrate

A: 'Do you like strong coffee?' B: ' Yes, I do. ________________.
a) The stronger, the better
b) As much stronger, the better
c) The stronger is, the better

I want to buy a big TV. __________________.
a) The more expensive, the better
b) The smaller, the better
c) The bigger, the better

________________, the less the injection will hurt.
a) The more relaxed you are
b) The most relaxed you are
c) The more relaxed are you

The food I like best is spicy food.
a) The spicier the food, the less I like it.
b) The spiciest the food, the more I like it.
c) The spicier the food, the more I like it.

________________, the more exercise you need to do to burn them.
a) The most calories you consume
b) The more calories you consume
c) As more calories you consume

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