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Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
a) My favorite uncle, Uncle William, surprised us last night.
b) In the trunk, of the car, Joe and John packed their tents.
c) The baseball game the last one of the season, begins tonight at 7:00 p.m.
d) The exciting movie, the one on television last night, was unusually short.

Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
a) Marcus and Andrew enjoy sports and movies, and they play video games, too.
b) When Marcus and Andrew come home, they play video games.
c) Marcus enjoys sports, and Andrew enjoys movies.
d) In addition to sports and movies, Marcus and Andrew also like video games.

Which sentence below helps readers form a detailed picture in their minds?
a) She moves her mouth as if she is smiling at me.
b) Her face is calm as if she has only peaceful thoughts.
c) Her ears shot straight up as if they were reaching for the sky.
d) She quietly sniffs the air as if trying to recognize an unusual smell.

Which sentence uses language that vividly expresses the action?
a) The sweet, crisp, red apple crunched loudly as Tina took a huge bite.
b) Mom uses them to bake a delicious pie.
c) The red and yellow apples were colorful.
d) My mom tells me to choose the ones I want.

Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?
a) My cousin, Lucy holds the school record for track.
b) Baseball, my favorite sport, is played in the spring.
c) Jessica went home to play with, Spot, her new puppy.
d) Louie my uncle from Mexico, speaks five languages.

Which of the following sentences privides specific descriptive details?
a) The fast red car raced very quickly down the track.
b) The small red car raced around the track with amaing speed.
c) The brightly colored red Mustang flew like the wind down the circular track.
d) The speeding car was speeding down the huge circular track.

Which one of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?
a) For his birthday, Daniel wants: a baseball glove, a football, and a joke book.
b) We have these kinds of trees in our yard: an oak, an elm, and a willow.
c) I like these dogs: a collie, and a beagle.
d) The summer, I plan to go to the beach, clean my house, and just relax.

Which of the following sentences includes language to vividly express the action.
a) The girl walked inside the cafeteria carefully carrying her tray.
b) The girl moved through the cafeteria quietly holding her bright red tray.
c) The girl went very slowly inside the really big cafeteria and held her tray as she walked.
d) The girl weaved her way through the crowded cafeteria balancing her red tray in both hands.

Which sentence contains vivid language to help the reader form a deatiled picture in their minds?
a) She eagerly charges after a tennis ball in the grassy part of our huge backyard.
b) She entertains us when she plays with my family members or with me.
c) She usually is tired after eating her supper and playing hard all day.
d) She seems to be comfortable with us because she makes only happy sounds.

Which of the following sentences uses commas correctly?
a) Mrs. Smith, and Mr. Johnson, are our school's librarians.
b) The boy's mother drove her car to school, late in the day.
c) Maria, my best friend, is moving to Arkansas in September.
d) My sister likes to read, but, my aunt prefers to watch TV.

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