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Angela answered many questions in class today.
a) subject: in class
b) verb: answered
c) object: Angela

I have twenty dollars in my pocket.
a) subject: twenty dollars
b) verb: my pocket
c) object: twenty dollars

You shouldn't say that word in front of your teacher!
a) subject: your teacher
b) verb: say
c) object: You

The rain is hitting my window.
a) subject: the rain
b) verb: my window
c) object: is hitting

Could you please lend me a pencil?
a) subject: me
b) verb: please
c) object: me; a pencil

Be careful! The fish will bite your hand!
a) subject: the fish
b) verb: hand
c) object: be careful

The baker sold some fresh pastries.
a) subject: the baker
b) verb: some
c) object: fresh

My mum cooks dinner in the kitchen.
a) subject: dinner
b) verb: cooks
c) object: my mum

David threw a paper plane out the window.
a) subject: the window
b) verb: David
c) object: a paper plane

Oh no! I lost my mobile phone!
a) subject: I
b) verb: Oh no
c) object: lost

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