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The decayed organic matter in soil that is a source of nutrients for plants is called
a) rock
b) litter
c) humus
d) sediments

_______ is a type of weathering that physically breaks down rocks
a) Mechanical
b) construction
c) leaching
d) terracing

____ is found under the Horizon C
a) wind
b) rock
c) ice wedging
d) water

A method that farmers use to reduce erosion in which steep-sided, level topped areas are built into the sides of steep hills and mountains so crops can be grown is called ____
a) over grazing
b) ice wedging
c) soil profile
d) terracing

A large chuck of ice, sometimes as large as a continent, that cause erosion is called a ________
a) glacier
b) ice wedging
c) rock
d) oxidation

When surface material such as rock and soil is moved from place to place is called
a) litter
b) erosion
c) soil profile
d) sediments

____ is a mixture of weathered rock, decayed organic matter, minerals, water, and air
a) rock
b) water
c) sediments
d) soil

All three horizons together make up a
a) soil profile
b) sediments
c) rock
d) construction

_______ occurs when metallic materials are exposed to air and water over time.
a) erosion
b) leaching
c) oxidation
d) terracing

________removes minerals that have been dissolved in water, pushing them down to lower layers in the soil profile.
a) leaching
b) oxidation
c) terracing
d) ice wedging

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