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Mr. Hetzels favorite hockey team is the?
a) Chicago Black Hawks
b) Los Angeles Kings
c) New York Rangers
d) Detroit Red Wings

Mr. Hetzels favorite Football team is?
a) Chicago Bears
b) New York Giants
c) Oakland Raiders
d) Miami Dolphins

Mr. Hetzels Chin can be?
a) Can be used as a straw while eating soup.
b) braided and beaded like a Pirate.
c) classified as an invertebrate.
d) used to climb out a second story window.

Mr. Hetzel likes art because?
a) He used to be an Art teacher at Northwest Middle school.
b) He likes to paint by number.
c) Finger paints are his favorite.
d) Art was the only word he knew how to spell.

Mr. Hetzel rides what kind of motorcycle?
a) Kawasaki
b) Honda
c) Harley Davidson
d) BMW

Mr. Snow is ....
a) Mean
b) Silly
c) Short
d) Nice

Mr. Hetzel...
a) All of the above
b) Surfs
c) Skates
d) Likes to sleep in.

Mr. Snow is Grumpy when???
a) He is always grumpy
b) Kids forget their pencils
c) Kids forget their paper
d) When kids don't do their homework

Ms. Kiss is?
a) Nicer then Mr. Snow by a mile
b) A famous Argentinian Soccer Star.
c) Taller than Mr. Hetzel
d) Very popular on Valentines day.

Science is???
a) The refinement of everyday thinking
b) To hard
c) Only fun when you blow stuff up.
d) Is a cure for insomnia.

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