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NCCER- Core.

Which of following must be included with every shipment of a hazardous substance and made available to workers on job site
b) PPE
c) ANSI standards

A worker who has been discriminated against for asserting his/her OSHA rights have the right to file a complaint within _____ period
a) 30 day
b) 60 day
c) 5 day
d) 15 day

The first aid procedure to treat a co worker who has been splattered with muriatic acid is found in the
a) health insurance benefits manual
b) OSHA standards
d) employee handbook

Benching systems cannot be used in
a) Type C soils
b) Type A
c) Type B
d) solid rock

Employers are required to report fatalities and catastrophes to OSHA within _____ hours
a) 12
b) 8
c) 24
d) 4

to prevent cave ins when excavating, treat all soil as if it is _____, unless proven otherwise
a) solid rock
b) type A
c) type B
d) type C

The major goal of good housekeeping at a work site is to
a) decrease energy use
b) halt the spread of disease
c) attract new business
d) prevent accidents

Compared to direct costs resulting from an accident studies have shown that indirect costs are ______ direct costs
a) almost 80%
b) two to seven times that of
c) half as much as
d) roughly equal to

a) is learned behavior and attitude
b) does not normally need to be trained
c) primarily depends on workers in the field
d) comes natural to most individuals

The primary purpose of a machine guard on a tool is to
a) protect the worker from rotating parts
b) reduce insurance rates
c) prevent theft
d) protect the tool from damage

The D Ring or support point on a safety harness shouuld be p
a) around your wrist
b) in the middle of your back
c) between your shoulder blades
d) over your rib cage

A system that protects workers from hazardous energy while they work with machines and equipment is referred to as
a) a disconnect
b) a barricade system
c) an energy neutral system
d) lockout/tagout

When gas welding, welders are required to wear tinted goggles or welding hoods with a filter lens of not less than ____ shade
a) Number 8
b) Number 4
c) Number 10
d) Number 2

When stepping off a ladder on a platform, the top of ladder should extend above the point where the ladder touches the roof by at least
a) 3 feet
b) 5 feet
c) 4 feet
d) 2 feet

When everyone in the company understands the value of a safe work environment,
a) labor costs increase
b) experience modification rate increases
c) safety culture is created
d) productivity declines

CFR 1926 protects a workers rights by requiring employers to maintain ____ for 30 years after they leave the job.
a) OSHA Form 300s
b) medical records
c) health insurance claims
d) annual performance reviews

Anything that could have caused an injury or damage, but did not because it was caught in time, is a(n)
a) intentional act
b) accident
c) injury
d) incident

Your personal fall arrest system should be inspected monthly by a(n)
a) OSHA safety inspector
b) competent person
c) project manager
d) state safety inspector

Person that is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards and has authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate hazards is a _______ person
a) competent
b) proficient
c) eligible
d) qualified

What is the best way to protect yourself when working near moving vehicles and equipment?
a) have a signaler direct your movement
b) wear a reflective or high visibility vest
c) set up reflective flags around your work area
d) ensure that a qualified person is on the job site

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