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A visual cue can be
a) heard
b) seen
c) smelled
d) tasted

A peach trees yield is
a) te farmer who planted it.
b) the amount of fruit it produces
c) its height
d) its flowers

Which provides nourishment for bees?
a) rain
b) smoke
c) stingers
d) honey

What happens when water evaporates?
a) It freezes
b) It melts
c) It turns to vapor
d) It turns to mud

Crude oil
a) powers cars
b) has not been refined
c) is a salad dressing ingredient
d) powers airplanes

A vision of the future is
a) great grandchildren
b) how someone imagines the future
c) a time machine
d) someone who predicts the future

Maria plants a garden with annuals in them. How long will those plants live?
a) one year
b) six months
c) three months
d) six years

To blend butter, eggs, and sugar is to
a) bake them
b) mix it together
c) measure it
d) keep it refrigerator

When two singers' voices blend well, they
a) Sound exactly the same
b) sing low notes well
c) sing high notes well
d) go together well

An annual hoiday comes
a) twice a year
b) once a month
c) on the weekend
d) once a year

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