Unit 2 - Chemical Properties Vocabulary Concepts Question Preview (ID: 60133)

This Review Game Zone Set Covers Key Unit Vocabulary For 6th Grade Chemical Properties And Other Important Concepts From The Unit.

The formation of a new substance with different properties; cannot be undone by physical means
a) Chemical change
b) Chemical formula
c) Chemical symbol
d) Compound

A representation of a compound in which the elements are represented by their symbols and subscripts represent the number of atoms of each element
a) Chemical formula
b) Chemical symbol
c) Compound
d) Element

Representation of the name of an element; written as a capital letter or a capital letter followed by a lowercase letter(s)
a) Chemical symbol
b) Compound
c) Element
d) Physical change

A chemical combination of two or more elements represented by a chemical formula
a) Compound
b) Element
c) Physical change
d) Precipitate

A pure substance that cannot be broken down chemically into simpler substances
a) Element
b) Physical change
c) Precipitate
d) Pure substance

Change which alters the physical properties of a substance without changing its identity
a) Physical change
b) Precipitate
c) Pure substance
d) Subscript

The solid that is formed as a result of a chemical change
a) Precipitate
b) Pure substance
c) Subscript
d) Chemical Properties

A substance that is not mixed with any other substance
a) Pure substance
b) Subscript
c) Chemical Properties
d) Composed

The number written to the right and slightly below an element in a chemical formula representing the number of atoms of an element present in a chemical formula
a) Subscript
b) Chemical Properties
c) Composed
d) Evidence

The properties of a substance that can only be observed during a chemical reaction
a) Chemical Properties
b) Composed
c) Evidence
d) Matter

Made of...
a) Composed
b) Evidence
c) Matter
d) Chemical change

Anything that has mass and takes up space
a) Matter
b) Chemical change
c) Chemical formula
d) Chemical symbol

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