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2. Antonio is measuring the angles of a quadrilateral. Three of the measures are 120, 15, and 80. What is the measure of the fourth angle?
a) 145
b) 165
c) 155
d) 175

3. Cassie formed a 100 angle with her index finger and thumb. Which best describes the angle she formed?

4. Andrea drew a triangle with 1 right angle. Which could NOT be the measures of the angles in Andrea’s triangle?
a) A. 40; 50; 90
b) B. 30; 90; 60
c) C. 90; 60; 45
d) D. 80; 90; 10

6. Nicholas drew a quadrilateral on a sheet of paper. He then measured and listed the interior angles. If he measured the angles accurately, which could be the list Nicholas made
a) A. 45; 45; 45; 45
b) B. 90; 100; 110; 80
c) C. 90; 60; 120; 90
d) D. 90; 70; 130; 150

10. Jackson measured three angles of a quadrilateral and found them to be 84, 115, and 76. What is the measure of the fourth angle?
a) 95
b) 75
c) 275
d) 85

12. Triangle XYZ is an isosceles triangle. Angle X is congruent to angle Z. If the measure of ∠X is 74, what is the measure of ∠Y?
a) 74
b) 32
c) 106
d) 26

16. Ms. Zhao has the quilting piece shown below. She has measured three of the angles. 127; 127; 53. What is the measure of ∠Q?
a) 73
b) 53
c) 43
d) 63

14. Destiny has a sheet of construction paper in the shape of a square. She will cut the square into two triangles as shown below. What will be the measures of the angels of each
a) 45; 90; 45
b) 90; 90; 90
c) 45; 45; 45
d) 30; 30; 120

8. The quadrilateral represents the top surface of a table. 107; 59; 101. What is the measure of ∠X?
a) 90
b) 105
c) 93
d) 267

a) SFA

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