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Texas Spanish Colonial Era Test.

This country bordered Tejas and threatened Spain's claim to East Texas.
a) France
b) England
c) Argentina
d) China

What is the purpose of a Mission?
a) To prevent American cattle ranchers from invading Texas.
b) To convert the native Texan population into Catholics.
c) To serve as a fort to defend the Texas border.
d) An economic hub that allowed trade with the French.

A spanish priest.
a) Conquistador
b) Vaquero
c) Friar
d) Native Texan

Introduced in Texas by the Spanish, this system allowed the mission settlers to have access to nearby water sources.
a) Immigration
b) Inflation
c) Irrigation
d) Interogation

Was a leader in the first mission in Texas. Would ask the French priests to celebrate mass when the Spanish priests were not available. Eventually led the Mexican Revolution.
a) Father hidalgo
b) Jose de Escandon
c) Damian Massanet
d) San Antonio de Valero

The first mission established in Texas.
a) San Antonio de Valero
b) Mission Concepcion
c) Mission San Jose
d) San Francisco de los Tejas

This person is known as the Father of South Texas. Military commander for the Spanish Army that explored the Rio GRande and established over 20 towns in the valley.
a) Father Hidalgo
b) Damian Massanet
c) Jose de Escandon
d) Cabeza de Vaca

This person founded the first mission in Texas, San Francisco de los Tejas.
a) Father Hidalgo
b) Father Damian Massanet
c) Jose de Escandon
d) David Bowie

This establishment was built to convert native Texans to Catholicism.
a) Presidio
b) Town
c) Mission
d) Jail

Farmland that was worked on by the missionaries and vaqueros.
a) Presidio
b) Mission
c) Town
d) Rancho

This establishment was built near missions and towns to prevent French invasion of East Texas.
a) Mission
b) Presidio
c) Towns
d) Jail

Spanish fort that housed soldiers.
a) Presidio
b) Mission
c) Town
d) Jail

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