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All of the following are mountain systems along South Asia\'s northern border except the...
a) Himalaya
b) Hindu Kush
c) Karakoram
d) Kunlan Shan

Which river flows through Pakistan?
a) Mekong
b) Bramaputra
c) Indus
d) Ganges

Source of 70% of Nepal\'s Energy
a) Wood
b) Hydroelectric Power
c) Nuclear Power
d) Oil

Approximately how much rain does Bangladesh get per year?
a) 350 inches
b) 200 inches
c) 450 inches
d) 600 inches

Where in South Asia is it possible to smell spices growing and see wild elephants?
a) Karnataka Plateau
b) Hindu Kush
c) Khyber Pass
d) Maldives

Surrounds the Thar Desert
a) plateau
b) steppe
c) mountains
d) lowland plains

Western Ghats form a rain shadow in this area
a) Karnataka Plateau
b) Ganges Plain
c) Deccan Plateau
d) Katthmandu Valley

One of the wettest spots on earth
a) Karachi
b) Islamabad
c) Kathmandu
d) Cherrapunji

South Asia is home to what percentage of the world's population?
a) more than 20%
b) less than 15%
c) less than 10%
d) more than 60%

Which major factor shapes the climate of South Asia?
a) trade winds near the Tropic of Cancer
b) the Himalaya
c) seasonal dry and wet winds
d) currents in the Indian Ocean

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