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A student wraps a wire around an iron nail then connects the wire to a battery. The nail attracts other nails and stick together. What force holds the two nails together?
a) magnetic force
b) electric force
c) friction force
d) gravitational force

What motion causes the pattern of day and night?
a) Earth orbits around the sun.
b) the moon rotates on its axis
c) Earth rotating on its axis
d) the moon orbits around the Earth.

Water is inside a popcorn kernel. When temperature increases the kernel explodes. What change in state of the water takes place inside the kernel causing the volume to increase?
a) liquid to gas
b) solid to gas
c) solid to liquid
d) liquid to solid

From which part of the plant does a bee get food?
a) seed
b) stem
c) flower
d) root

What is the role of decomposers in a food web?
a) Decomposers use sunlight to make food.
b) Decomposers are a food source for plants
c) Decomposers break down dead plants and animals
d) Decomposers only eat plants that grow underground.

What would cause bicycle tires to feel warm on a cold day, after riding to the store?
a) the heat transferring from the rider's hands to the tire
b) the air escaping from the spinning tires
c) the wind blowing against the bike
d) the rubbing between the ground and the tire.

Earthworms live underground and dig tunnels. This helps improve the soil so plants grow better. Which statement explains how earthworms tunnels help plants?
a) Earthworms tunnels bring heat into the soil that warms plants roots
b) Earthworms tunnels loosens the soil so plant roots can easily grow.
c) Earthworm tunnels allow sunlight to reach the plant roots in the soil
d) Earthworm tunnels create places where insects can hide and protect the plant's roots.

Students build a circuit with a buzzer and switch. the students close the switch, but the buzzer doesn't buzz. What could be the reason?
a) The buzzer is in the wrong place in the circuit.
b) the wires connect to the battery from the negative to the positive ends of the battery
c) the switch is closed
d) the wires are not touching conductors

What is the function of the sunflower's seeds?
a) reporduction of the sunflower
b) food for the bee
c) food for the sunflower
d) production of sunflower petals

What causes a blue block to appear blue in the sunlight?
a) The block absorbs all blue light
b) Only blue light is reflected by the block
c) The block bends (refracts) all blue light.

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