Top 200 Most Frequent Latin Words List 2022-2023 Words 161-180 Question Preview (ID: 60063)


etiam (adv.)
a) another, other
b) year, age, time of life
c) faith, loyalty, trustworthiness
d) also, even

tum/tunc (adv)
a) then, at that time
b) above, upper, higher
c) frustrated
d) short, brief

nunc (adverb)
a) unless, except
b) much, a lot
c) now
d) not

iam (adverb)
a) this, these
b) you
c) now, already
d) if

quam (adverb)
a) a little
b) how, than
c) also
d) because

ut (adverb)
a) not
b) as, just as, when
c) also, even
d) once

non (adverb)
a) no, none, not any
b) tired
c) new, strange
d) not

parvus, -a, -um
a) small, little
b) fate, destiny
c) pain, grief, sadness
d) much, many

sic (adverb)
a) thus, in this way, so
b) name
c) sea, ocean
d) sky, heaven

hīc (adv.)
a) night
b) house, home
c) here, to this place
d) place, location

magis (adverb)
a) hand
b) more, rather, more greatly
c) lead, take
d) to not wish, want

lentē (adv.)
a) a little
b) also
c) slowly
d) look

rapidē (adv.)
a) for, indeed, in fact, truly
b) unless, except
c) especially, particularly
d) quickly

a) once
b) slowly
c) as, just as, when
d) new, strange

bis (adv)
a) easy
b) bigger, older, greater
c) twice
d) short, brief

hodie (adv.)
a) miserable
b) today
c) tired
d) all, whole, total, entire

herī (adv.)
a) heavy, serious, grave
b) then, at that time
c) here, to this place
d) yesterday

cras (adv.)
a) tomorrow
b) yesterday
c) how, than
d) easy

multum (adv.)
a) bigger, older, greater
b) much, a lot
c) no, none, not any
d) no, none, not any

paulum (adv.)
a) a little
b) pain, grief, sadness
c) mouth, face
d) faith, loyalty, trustworthiness

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