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Different forms of a trait (blue eyes, brown eyes, etc) are called:
a) genotypes
b) homozygotes
c) variables
d) alleles

The combination of letter symbols used to represent your genes for a trait (ex. AA) is your:
a) phenotype
b) punnett square
c) pedigree
d) genotype

The physical appearance of an individual is their:
a) phenotype
b) pedigree
c) allele
d) genotype

If you have the combination Aa for a trait, then you are _____ for that trait.
a) allelic
b) homozygous
c) phenotypic
d) heterozygous

How would we genetically represent a male individual who possesses a sex-linked trait?
a) XX
b) X*Y
c) XY*
d) X*X

In a pedigree _______ represent males, and _______ represent females.
a) squares, triangles
b) squares, circles
c) circles, squares
d) triangles, circles

A family tree diagram that is used to track traits through several generations is known as a:
a) genotype
b) punnett square
c) pedigree
d) phenotype

When a cell receives too many or too few chromosomes during meiosis, ____ has occurred.
a) mitosis
b) phenylketoneuria
c) nondisjunction
d) erythroblastosis fetalis

Sex-linked traits are:
a) most commonly seen in males.
b) found only in females.
c) always fatal.
d) always carried by males, but not shown.

The sex of an offspring is determined by:
a) the father
b) the day of the week
c) both parents
d) the mother

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