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Define Authentication
a) what computers used before Operating Systems.
b) a user name and password that verify who you are and give you permissions
c) A program which finds and eliminates errors in code.
d) A software which uses Tools and Icons to help make a final product.

Debugging is what?
a) finding flaws in websites
b) making sure that the pictures and links work on a particular ISP
c) a webcrawler which finds flaws in websites and reports them.
d) The process of going through code to find and eliminate errors.

Define DNS
a) Acronym: domain name system- a service that deals entirely with host names
b) domain name system- a cache of domain names which can be viewed or used.
c) domain name system- a computer system which retrieves lost domain names with recovery questions.
d) domain name system- an internet protocol which translates domain names for use by a machine.

What is a Site Map?
a) A drawn plan of how a website will look and work
b) A design layout done prior to making a site
c) A site map is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users
d) A map on a webpage that acts as a directory, usually on the 'Help' page

What are Binary Files?
a) Computer files which use sequences of 1's and 0's to store information and data.
b) Files used by special programs which are the only programs which can read them like Autodesk files
c) A universal file format that any human can read.
d) A special file format that only certain computers can read with special software.

What is validation
a) A user name and password
b) Comparing a websites code to a set of standards defined in the doctype
c) A framework which reads Mac preffered content.
d) A Firewall brand which is no longer used.

Define WAN
a) wide area network- WI-FI
b) wide area network- larger scale LAN.
c) wide area network- A huge network of computers using the internet to sync. through a specefic site.
d) wide area network- allows computers to communicate over large geographical areas

Define WAP
a) Wide Area Protocol- the rules for using WAN
b) Wide Area Protocol- communication standards for wireless networks
c) Wide Area Protocol- standard for wireless network commun. allowing for specially formatted websites.
d) Wide Area Protocol- protocol and regulations for sending files and data across a WAN

What is a Server?
a) Software that updates a regular PC into a Server computer and allows for a domain name.
b) Software and Hardware which sends and recieves information through the internet.
c) Hardware which allows for a PC to send and recieve information across the internet.
d) A special computer which is web dependant and sends/recieves data/info.

Define encoding
a) the process of building 'walls' in code which makes them less easy to hack
b) the process of going through and complicating the code to make it less easy to hack
c) the process of translating certain information types.
d) The process of transferring one type of information into another.

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