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Which of the following describes a mixture?
a) Formed from two or more substances chemically combined.
b) Made up of two or more substances joined in a specific ratio.
c) Made up of two ore more substances that keep their own identities.
d) Can be separated only by chemical means.

Which of the following is an alkali metal?
a) Aluminum
b) Potassium
c) Gold
d) Zinc

Which of the following is composed of elements combined in a specific ratio?
a) solution
b) colloid
c) suspension
d) compound

Which of the following is true of particles in solution?
a) Particles scatter light.
b) Particles cannot be filtered out.
c) Particles settle out.
d) Particles are large.

What element does not follow the patterns of the rest of the periodic table?
a) Helium
b) Sodium
c) Potassium
d) Hydrogen

Which of the following does NOT describe a suspension?
a) Particles are soluble.
b) Particles settle out over time.
c) Particles can be seen.
d) Particles scatter light.

Elements in a family/group on the periodic table
a) are always in the same phase of matter.
b) have the same atomic number.
c) have similar properties.
d) form a row on the periodic table.

Which of the following increases the solubility of a gas in a liquid?
a) Decreasing the amount of liquid.
b) Decreasing the temperature.
c) Stirring.
d) Increasing the temperature.

Which element has the atomic number of 12?
a) Carbon
b) Magnesium
c) Zinc
d) Hydrogen

On the periodic table, magnesium and chlorine are located in period 3. What is one difference between the two elements?
a) Magnesium atoms combine more easily with other atoms in Group 2.
b) Chlorine and magnesium atoms will each combine with the same elements to form compounds.
c) Chlorine atoms have more electrons in their outer shell than magnesium atoms.
d) Magnesium atoms are more reactive than chlorine atoms.

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