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The law that states that the unbalanced for acting on an object equals the object\'s mass times its acceleration is
a) Newton\'s First Law of Motion
b) the law of conservation of momentum
c) Newton\'s Third Law of Motion
d) Newton\'s Second Law of Motion

If 2 objects with different masses and trav eling with different velocities collide, what law allows you to predict the motion of the objects after the collision?
a) Newton\'s Third Law of Motion
b) the law of universal gravitation
c) the law of conservation of momentum
d) Newton\'s Second Law of Motion

Express the following as an equation. One newton is the force that can give an object with a mass of 1kg an acceleration of 1/m^2
a) 1 N=1 kg / 1ms^2
b) 1 N=1ms^2 x 1 kg
c) 1 N=1ms^2 /1 kg
d) 1 N x 1 kg / = 1ms^2

What happens immediately after a sky diver opens her parachute
a) air resistance greatly increases
b) the foce of gravity greatly increases
c) the sky diver\'s speed increases
d) the sky diver is in a free fall

Which statement illustrates Newton\'s first law?
a) A stone will not move unless something pushes or pulls it
b) all of the answers are correct
c) As a car comes to a stop, the passangers continue to move forward
d) A ball rolling across the floor eventually slows down

What unbalanced force is needed to give a 976 kg vehicle an acceleration of 2.50m/s^2
a) 9.9 X 10^9 N
b) 9.9 X 10^9 lb
c) 2.44 X 10^9 N
d) 2.44 X 10^9 lb

Which of the following objects exerts a gravitation force
a) a bowling ball
b) a book
c) a feather
d) all of the answers are correct

How much does a 59 kg woman weigh on Earth?
a) 6.02 N
b) 59 lb
c) 145 lb
d) 578 N

What is the momentum of a 255 g apple falling at 18 m/s
a) 4.08 m/s^2 downward
b) 4.08 kg x m/s^2 downward
c) 15.9 m/s^2 downward
d) 15.9 kg x m/s^2 downward

How does the total momentum of the two objects before a collision compare with the total momentum after the collision?
a) It is the same
b) It is less
c) It is equal to zero
d) It is greater

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