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If the net force on an object is zero then the object has
a) reaction forces
b) action forces
c) balanced forces
d) unbalanced forces

a tug of war that results in one team pulling the other across the line is an example of
a) action forces
b) reaction forces
c) balanced forces
d) unbalanced forces

How can the friction on a water slide be reduced
a) warm the surface of the slide
b) keep the surface of the slide dry
c) run a constant stream of water down the slide
d) increase the slope of the slide

A car is parked on a hill. In order to deep the car from rolling down hill, how great must the static friction acting on that car be
a) equal to the force pulling the car down hill
b) greater than the force pulling the car down the hill
c) greater than the force pulling the car up the hill
d) smaller than the force pulling the car down the hill

On a bus travelling north at 20 m/s, a child stands up and walks toward the back of the bus at 1.3 m/s. What is the child's resultant velocity?
a) 18.7 m/s north
b) 18.7 m/s south
c) 21.3 m/s north
d) 21.3 m/s south

speeding up, slowing down, and changing direction is best described as
a) velocity
b) distance
c) displacement
d) acceleration

a cyclist traveling at an initial speed of 10.0 m/2. She accelerates at a rate of 0.5 m/s^2. What is her final velocity after 9.0 s?
a) 14.5 m/s
b) 14.5 m/s^2
c) 5.5 m/s
d) 5.5 m/s^2

Peter runs in a constant direction on a straight road. The velocity vs time graph of Peters motion shows a straight line with a negative slope. What does the line tell you ?
a) Peter's speed is increasing
b) Peter's speed is decreasing
c) Peter's speed is increasing, then decreasing
d) Peter's speed is constant

What happens when a car slows down and velocity changes?
a) positive acceleration
b) resultant acceleration
c) negative acceleration
d) constant acceleration

A game of tug of war is and example of
a) rolling friction
b) air resistance
c) streamlining
d) unbalanced forces

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