August 2018 Chemistry Regents Questions 11-20 Question Preview (ID: 59739)

Use Your Knowledge Of Chemistry To Answer All Questions In The Data Set. You Will Need Your Chemistry Reference Tables And A Calculator To Answer Some Of The Questions. Good Luck.

Which formula represents an asymmetrical molecule?
a) CH4
b) CO2
c) N2
d) NH3

Which statement describes the energy changes that occur as bonds are broken and formed during a chemical reaction?
a) Energy is absorbed when bonds are both broken and formed.
b) Energy is released when bonds are both broken and formed.
c) Energy is absorbed when bonds are broken, and energy is released when bonds are formed.
d) Energy is released when bonds are broken, and energy is absorbed when bonds are formed.

A solid sample of copper is an excellent conductor of electric current. Which type of chemical bonds are in the sample?
a) ionic bonds
b) metallic bonds
c) nonpolar covalent bonds
d) polar covalent bonds

Which list includes three forms of energy?
a) thermal, nuclear, electronegativity
b) thermal, chemical, electromagnetic
c) temperature, nuclear, electromagnetic
d) temperature, chemical, electronegativity

Based on Table S, an atom of which element has the strongest attraction for electrons in a chemical bond?
a) chlorine
b) nitrogen
c) oxygen
d) selenium

At which temperature and pressure would a sample of helium behave most like an ideal gas?
a) 75 K and 500. kPa
b) 150. K and 500. kPa
c) 300. K and 50. kPa
d) 600. K and 50. kPa

A cube of iron at 20.°C is placed in contact with a cube of copper at 60.°C. Which statement describes the initial flow of heat between the cubes?
a) Heat flows from the copper cube to the iron cube.
b) Heat flows from the iron cube to the copper cube.
c) Heat flows in both directions between the cubes.
d) Heat does not flow between the cubes.

Which sample at STP has the same number of atoms as 18 liters of Ne(g) at STP?
a) 18 moles of Ar(g)
b) 18 liters of Ar(g)
c) 18 grams of H2O(g)
d) 18 milliliters of H2O(g)

Compared to H2S, the higher boiling point of H 2O is due to the
a) greater molecular size of water
b) stronger hydrogen bonding in water
c) higher molarity of water
d) larger gram-formula mass of water

In terms of entropy and energy, systems in nature tend to undergo changes toward
a) lower entropy and lower energy
b) lower entropy and higher energy
c) higher entropy and lower energy
d) higher entropy and higher energy

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