June 2019 Chemistry Regents Questions 31-40 Question Preview (ID: 59730)

Use Your Knowledge Of Chemistry To Answer All Questions In The Data Set. You Will Need Your Chemistry Reference Tables And A Calculator To Answer Some Of The Questions. Good Luck.

Which compound has the strongest intermolecular forces?

a) HF
b) HCl
c) HBr
d) HI

Which ion in the ground state has the same electron configuration as an atom of neon in the ground state?
a) Ca^2+
b) Cl-
c) Li+
d) O^2-

What is the percent composition by mass of nitrogen in the compound N2H4 (gram-formula mass = 32 g/mol)?
a) 13%
b) 44%
c) 88%
d) 93%

How many moles of carbon dioxide are produced when 5.0 moles of butane react completely?
a) 5.0 mol
b) 10. mol
c) 20. mol
d) 40. mol

As the elements in Period 2 of the Periodic Table are considered in order from left to right, which property generally decreases?
a) atomic radius
b) electronegativity
c) ionization energy
d) nuclear charge

Magnesium and calcium have similar chemical properties because their atoms in the ground state have
a) equal numbers of protons and electrons
b) equal numbers of protons and neutrons
c) two electrons in the first shell
d) two electrons in the outermost shell

A student measures the mass and volume of a sample of aluminum at room temperature, and calculates the density of Al to be 2.85 grams per cubic centimeter. Based on Table S, what is the percent error for the student’s calculated density of Al?
a) 2.7%
b) 5.3%
c) 5.6%
d) 95%

Which electron confi guration represents an atom of chlorine in an excited state?
a) 2-8-7-2
b) 2-8-7
c) 2-8-8
d) 2-7-8

Which elements are present in the mixture?

a) G and J
b) G and L
c) M, J, and G
d) M, J, and L

Which particle model diagram represents xenon at STP?

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

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