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What are the 3 major rivers in the Middle East?
a) Nile, Tigris, Euphrates
b) Yangtze, Huang He, Mekong
c) Tigris, Euphrates, Jordan
d) Euphrates, Arabian, Nile

What are the bodies of water surrounding the Arabian peninsula?
a) Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Arabian Sea
b) Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz, Arabian Sea
c) Red Sea, Black Sea, Yellow Sea
d) Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Arabian Sea

What facilitates trade between Southwest Asia and Europe?
a) Suez canal
b) Strait of Hormuz
c) Persian Gulf
d) Panama Canal

Whjch country leads the world in petroleum production?
a) Iran
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Iraq
d) Kuwait

Which two countries share the Jordan river as a border?
a) Iraq and Kuwait
b) Jordan and Saudi Arabia
c) Israel and Jordan
d) Syria and Turkey

The first Persian Gulf War began when Iraq invaded Kuwait. What resource did Iraq want?
a) gold
b) oil
c) glass
d) diamonds

The control of what strategic point impacts the trading of oil?
a) The Arabian Desert
b) The Strait of Hormuz
c) The Sinai Peninsula
d) The Jordan River

The United States invaded what country east of Iran due to its harboring of Al Qaeda?
a) Iraq
b) Israel
c) Iran
d) Afghanistan

Which of the following countries is NOT considered part of Southwest Asia?
a) Saudi Arabia
b) India
c) Israel
d) Afghanistan

What is the scarcest natural resource in the Middle East?
a) sand
b) oil
c) water
d) lizards

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