Paul Is Shipwrecked Question Preview (ID: 59726)

Acts 27-Acts 28:1-16. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Where did Paul plan on setting sail for? (Acts 27:1)
a) Italy
b) Spain
c) Jerusalem
d) England

Why did Paul's ship have difficulty sailing at the beginning of their journey (Acts 27:1-8)?
a) They depended on the wind
b) They were not rowing hard enough
c) They did not know where they were going
d) Their GPS wasn't working.

How did they ship's officers react to Paul's warning about the dangers ahead (Acts 27:9-11)?
a) They took his advice and waited
b) They ignored him and went on ahead
c) They laughed at him
d) They pretended to not hear him

What does Paul call the wind of typhoon strength (Acts 27:14)?
a) a hurricane
b) a tornado
c) a light breeze
d) A northeaster

What did the crew do to prevent the ship from sinking (Acts 27:18+19)?
a) They threw cargo and gear overboard
b) They rowed faster
c) They turned around
d) They threw the prisoners overboard

How many people were on board Paul's ship (Acts 27:36+27)?
a) 107
b) 276
c) 5,000
d) 323

What island did Paul, the rest of the prisoners, and the crew arrive on (Acts 28:1)?
a) Malta
b) Sicily
c) Puerto Rico
d) Cyprus

What happened to Paul while he was gathering firewood (Acts 28:3)?
a) He fell and broke his leg
b) He was bit by a poisonous snake
c) He was badly burned
d) He got lost

How did Paul react to being bitten by a poisonous snake (Acts 28:3-5)?
a) His armed turned purple and swelled up
b) He slowly began to die
c) He ran around screaming
d) He shook it off into the fire and was totally fine

How long was it between the shipwreck and when Paul and the crew resumed their trip to Rome?
a) 3 months
b) 40 days and 40 nights
c) 30 days
d) 6 years

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