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Some of a wave's energy is always being dissipated as heat. In time, this will reduce the wave\'s
a) frequency
b) amplitude
c) speed
d) wavelength

The amplitude of a particular wave is 2 m. The top-to-bottom distance of the disturbance is
a) 2m
b) 8m
c) 6m
d) 4m

If you double the frequency of a vibrating object, its period
a) doubles
b) doesn't change
c) quartered
d) halved

What happens when an airplane is flying faster than the speed of sound?
a) There is no sonic boom
b) A shock wave is produced
c) Nobody can hear the plane fly overhead
d) It becomes very quiet inside the plane

An observer on the ground hears a sonic boom that is created by an airplane flying at a speed
a) equal to the speed of sound
b) none of the above
c) just below the speed of sound
d) greater than the speed of sound

The Doppler effect occurs when a source of sound moves
a) away from you
b) none of the choices
c) away from you or towards you
d) towards you

Two waves arrive at the same place at the same time exactly in step with each other. Each wave has an amplitude of 2 m. The resulting wave has an amplitude of
a) 2m
b) 4m
c) 0m
d) 3m

The period of an ocean wave is 10 seconds. What is the wave’s frequency?
a) 1 Hz
b) 1/10 Hz
c) 1/100 Hz
d) 100 Hz

A weight suspended from a spring bobs up and back down again over a distance of 3m in 10 seconds. Its frequency is
a) 0.10 Hz
b) None of the above
c) 10.0 Hz
d) 3.0 Hz

A skipper on a boat notices wave crests passing the anchor chain every 6 seconds. The skipper estimates the distance between crests at 30 m. What is the speed of the water waves?
a) 5.0 m/s
b) not enough information
c) 30.0 m/s
d) 6.0 m/s

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