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When saliva starts breaking down food particles, that is a chemical change. Which is the best explanation for why?
a) the enzyme in saliva breaks bonds within the macromolecules
b) the food gets mashed down into small pieces
c) the macromolecules remain intact
d) the food looks different afterwards

Which of the following is NOT a physical property?
a) density
b) freezing point
c) mass
d) flammability

How does the boiling point of a substance change as you increase the volume??
a) it increases
b) it decreases
c) it doesn't change
d) it depends on the substance

The density a gold bar is calculated to be 19.32 g/cm3. If the bar is cut in half, what will be the density of each half?
a) 9.66 g/cm3
b) 19.32 g/cm2
c) 38.64 g/cm3
d) Cannot be answered with the information provided

What is in the bubbles created during a chemical reaction?
a) a new gas
b) one of the reactants, just in a different state of matter
c) the surrounding air
d) heat

Which of the following is an example of a physical change?
a) Two liquids are combined and begin to give off heat
b) A red liquid is combined with a yellow mixture and turns purple
c) A powder is combined with water and it begins to fizz
d) Sugar is combined with water and it dissolves in the water

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic property?
a) density
b) melting point
c) mass
d) malleability

Dissolving salt in water is a ____ change
a) chemical
b) characteristic
c) physical
d) catalyst

Freezing liquid water into ice is a _____ change
a) chemical
b) physical
c) characteristic
d) catalyst

What is different between bubbles due to boiling and bubbles due to a chemical change?
a) The bubbles during boiling are not a new substance
b) The bubbles during boiling are a new substance
c) The bubbles during boiling are the result of an exothermic reaction
d) The bubbles during boiling represent a chemical change

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