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A raccoon now lives in an area where there are many houses. Which behavior illustrates a learned behavior?
a) The raccoon eats plants and worms.
b) The raccoon hunts for food at night.
c) The raccoon turns over garbage cans an eats garbage.
d) The raccoon takes an apple from a tree and eats it.

Dandelions are plants whose seeds are carried by the wind. How does this adaptation help the dandelions survive?
a) It provides water for the seeds.
b) It allows young plants to stay close to parent plants.
c) It carries the seeds to an open place where they have space to grow.
d) It keeps the seeds away from hungry predators.

Which of the following do organisms inherit from their parents?
a) learned behaviors
b) instincts
c) all behaviors
d) tricks they can be taught to do

Which of the following is an inherited behavioral adaptation?
a) A hawk has sharp claws.
b) A groundhog hibernates in the winter.
c) A male lion has a mane.
d) Zebras' stripes are protective coloration.

What adaptation helps an owl locate prey?
a) soft feathers
b) sharp claws
c) good eyesight
d) wide wings

Which of the following is a learned behavior?
a) A whooping crane migrates to warmer climates.
b) A robin builds a nest out of twigs.
c) A dog avoids skunks after being sprayed.
d) An owl searches for mice in a field.

Which part of the plant is the food-making factory?
a) stem
b) seed
c) leaf
d) roots

All ducks have webbed feet to help them swim. Webbed feet are an example of______.
a) a behavioral adaptation
b) a niche
c) an instinct
d) a structural adaptation

The gas plants use in making food is__________.
a) nitrogen
b) argon
c) carbon dioxide
d) oxygen

Which are the only producers in the food chain?
a) snakes
b) hares
c) hawks
d) plants

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