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Years Of Review.

When did the corrupt bargain presidential election take place?
a) 1824
b) 1826
c) 1832
d) 1840

When did the battle of Gettysburg take place?
a) 1861
b) 1862
c) 1863
d) 1864

The American Revolution began in the year
a) 1775.
b) 1776.
c) 1781.
d) 1783.

When did Lincoln win RE-election for president?
a) 1861
b) 1863
c) 1864
d) 1865

Who were the two major candidates for president in 1960?
a) Ford and Carter
b) Nixon and Humphrey
c) Kennedy and Nixon
d) Bush and Reagan

The Vietnam War ended in the
a) 1950's.
b) 1960's.
c) 1970's.
d) 1980's.

When did the United States enter WW I?
a) 1914
b) 1915
c) 1916
d) 1917

When did the United States enter WW Two?
a) 1939
b) 1941
c) 1943
d) 1945

When did the Mexican War take place?
a) 1812-1815
b) 1846-1848
c) 1861-1865
d) 1898

When did the Spanish American War take place?
a) 1865
b) 1898
c) 1914
d) 1846

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