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Newton's Laws Of Motion. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is the momentum of a 60 kg ice skater gliding across the ice at a speed of 2 m/s
a) 60 kg
b) 240 kgxm/s
c) 30 kg/ m/s
d) 120 kgxm/s

The gravitational force between two objects increases as mass
a) decreases or distance decreases
b) decreases or distance increases
c) increases or distance decreases
d) increases or distance increases

The mass of a newborn baby is 3.9 kg. What is the baby's weight?
a) 38.2 N
b) 23 N
c) 3.9 N
d) 9.8 N

A 36 kg canoe broke free of its dock and is now floating downriver at a speed of 2.9 m/s. What is the canoe's momentum?
a) 9.8 kgxm/s
b) 145 kgxm/s
c) 104.4 kgxm/s
d) 38.2 kgxm/s

What happens to the magnitude of the fluid friction acting on a submarine as the submarine's speed increases?
a) It decreases
b) It Increases
c) It does not change
d) Not enough information to tell

Why don't action-reaction forces cancel each other out
a) the action force is larger
b) the reaction force is larger
c) Act on different objects
d) they do cancel each other out

What law states that if no net force acts on a system, then the total momentum of the system does not change?
a) Newton's first law
b) Newton's second law
c) Newton's third law
d) The law of conservation of momentum

If three balls are released at the same time from the same height, which one will hit the ground first?
a) Ball 1
b) Ball 2
c) Ball 3
d) The will each hit at the same time

How are the size and direction of action-reaction forces related?
a) Equal in size, equal in direction
b) Opposite in size, equal in direction
c) Equal in size, opposite in direction
d) Opposite in size, Opposite in direction

How can you double the acceleration of an object if you cannot alter the object's mass?
a) Double the mass
b) Double the force
c) Cut the mass in half
d) Cut the force in half

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