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In order to neutralize tomato juice, how much would the concentration of hydrogen ions need to decrease?
a) 0 times
b) 10 times
c) 30 times
d) 3 times

As wavelength increases, frequency
a) decreases
b) multiplies by ten
c) stays the same
d) increases

A train is moving at 60 miles per hour and comes to a stop inside a station over a course of 12 minutes. What is the acceleration of the train?
a) -5 miles/hour
b) 5 miles/minute
c) -5 miles/minute
d) 720 miles/minute

Which of the following is NOT a type of energy?
a) Thermal
b) Temperature
c) Chemical
d) Electrical

Dennis is conducting an investigation to determine the effect of caffeine on heartrate. Which of the following will Dennis not maintain as a constant?
a) Type of caffeine
b) Age
c) Heartrate
d) Caffeine intake

Which of the following is not a conductor?
a) Water
b) Power lines
c) Rubber
d) Metal

You drop a penny from the Empire State Building. After several seconds, the air resistance becomes equal to the force of gravity impacting the penny. What results?
a) The penny falls at a constant speed
b) The penny doubles its velocity
c) The penny comes to a stop
d) The penny accelerates

A book slides across a level table. As the book travels, it slows down. Which best explains its change in speed?
a) The force is no longer applied to the book so there is zero net force on the book
b) The force of friction is unbalanced which changes the motion of the book
c) The force applied to the book decreases over time
d) The force applied to the book is balanced by the force of friction

Define inertia
a) The matter an object contains
b) Displacement
c) An object\'s resistance to movement
d) An insulator

I am a circuit with multiple energy sources and a battery that light up consecutively. What type of circuit am I?
a) Simple Circuit
b) Series Circuit
c) Parallel Circuit
d) Ohms Circuit

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