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Which of the following can harm the environment?
a) clearing the forests
b) lowering population growth
c) alllowing more open land
d) laws regulating pollution

All of the following are used to reduce soil erosion EXCEPT
a) strip mining
b) wind breaks
c) contour plowing
d) terracing

Which of the following is an adaptation you might find in a predator?
a) sharp pointed teeth
b) broad flat teeth
c) traveling in a large herd
d) hard protective shess

Which is NOT an example of condensation?
a) clouds forming in the sky
b) moisture forming on the side of a glass holding a cold liquid
c) a person's glasses steaming up when they enter a warm room
d) water forming on car windows overnight

Differences in air pressure are one determining factor in
a) wind speed
b) precipitation
c) tornado formation
d) cloud cover

Fossils, layers, and ripple marks are found in which kind of rock?
a) sedimentary
b) igneous
c) metamorphic
d) igneous and metamorphic

A change in motion results from
a) an unbalanced set of forces
b) a balanced set of forces
c) an absence of force
d) no force at all

Which of the following is an example of a chemical change?
a) a burning log
b) boiling water
c) melting ice cream
d) a falling leaf

Energy cannot be created or destroyed but exists in different forms, such as
a) light, heat, and sound
b) mass and weight
c) power and work
d) direction and speed

All of the following are parts of the water cycle EXCEPT
a) respiration
b) evaporation
c) runoff
d) transpiration

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