Civics And Economics Review Question Preview (ID: 59485)

A Full Year Review Of Virginia Civics And Economics SOL Items.

Which is a primary responsibility (or job) of the state level of government? (CE.7b)
a) promote public health, safety, and welfare
b) conduct foreign policy
c) regulate commerce
d) provide for the common defense

What does the judicial branch do with laws? (CE.6a)
a) Interpret laws
b) Execute laws
c) Enforce laws
d) Make laws

Declaring actions unconstitutional is a check of the -(CE.6b)
a) Legislative Branch
b) Executive Branch
c) Judicial Branch

The number of electors of each state is based on the state's - (CE.5f)
a) Senators
b) number of federal judges
c) types of state taxes
d) Congressional representation.

Which is a qualification to vote in the Virginia? (CE.5e)
a) be 21 years of age no later than the day of general election
b) be a resident and live in your voting precinct
c) have a driver's license
d) live in Virginia for a minimum of 18 years

Which of the following are duties? (CE.3c)
a) Pay taxes
b) Vote
c) Hold office
d) Communicate with the government

Mr. Citizen tutors at the library and volunteers at the nursing home. He is participating in - (CE.3e)
a) a survey
b) community service
c) duties of citizenship
d) political campaigns

The Fourteenth Amendment is designed to protect citizens against - (CE.3b)
a) unfair actions by the state
b) unfair actions by the federal government
c) unfair actions by foreign countries
d) unfair actions by other citizens

How can the Constitution of Virginia be amended? (CE.2d)
a) Action by Congress and ratification by the states
b) Action by the Supreme Court and ratification by the courts
c) Action by General Assembly and ratification by the voters of VA
d) Action by the Governor and ratification by the Cabinet

The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States describes the - (CE.2c)
a) separation of church and state.
b) goals and purposes of the government.
c) responsibilities of the founding fathers.
d) way to make national laws

The first form of national government for the colonies was the - (CE.2a)
a) Magna Carta
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Articles of Confederation
d) Constitution of the United States

What is the name of the elected legislative body in a county? (CE.8a)
a) Town Council
b) Senate
c) Board of Supervisors
d) House of Representatives

Who oversees the operation of K-12 public education? (CE.8a)
a) Courts
b) School boards
c) Managers
d) Lobbyists

What is lobbying? (CE.9b)
a) Seeking (wanting) to influence legislators
b) Seeing if someone is guilty or not guilty
c) Introducing a bill
d) Competing businesses

In Virginia, what is the only court with a judge and a jury? (CE.10a)
a) Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court
b) VA Court of Appeals
c) Foreign Court
d) Circuit Court

What type of case does a court determine if a person broke the law? (CE.10c)
a) Civil case
b) Criminal case
c) Suitcase
d) Briefcase

What two things determine price? (CE.11a)
a) Birth and naturalization
b) Federal and state
c) Supply and demand
d) Public health and safety

Who is the owner and the decision maker for the PUBLIC sector? (CE.11b)
a) The government
b) The business
c) The interest group
d) The entrepreneur

Which type of business acts as a legal person and sells stocks? (CE.12a)
a) Proprietorship
b) Partnership
c) Corporation
d) Government

How does the U.S. government pay for public goods and services? (CE.13b)
a) Information, capital, goods and services
b) natural, human, capital, and entrepreneurship
c) Taxes, borrowed funds, fees, and fines
d) Cabinet secretaries, departments, agencies, and commissions

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