Watersheds Question Preview (ID: 59476)

Mrs. Baumann.

Where water percolates down, filling an underground aquifer
a) recharge zone
b) plant roots
c) landfill
d) watershed

area of ocean the size of Tx, full of plastic trash from runoff
a) north pacific gyre
b) landfill
c) first flush
d) recharge zone

Plant food, causes algae blooms that can be poisonous or use up all of the oxygen, killing fish
a) fertilizer
b) pesticide
c) sediment
d) groundwater

area that drains into a lake, river, ocean, aquifer, etc...
a) watershed
b) strip mine
c) landfill
d) north pacific gyre

downward movement through porous/spongy material: filtered/ infiltration
a) percolation
b) first flush
c) water cycle
d) transpiration

the dump: hole lined with plastic, filled with trash, and buried forever
a) landfill
b) north pacific gyre
c) aquifer
d) recharge zone

CAN decompose (break down by decomposers) within weeks or months
a) biodegradable
b) nonbiodegradable
c) plastic
d) landfill

water below earth's surface: aquifer
a) groundwater
b) fresh water
c) salt water
d) runoff

water with low amounts or no salt. Only 1% of the liquid water on earth.
a) fresh water
b) saltwater
c) groundwater
d) surface water

non renewable energy source such as oil, coal, gas, that releases CO2/air pollution when burned
a) fossil fuel
b) sediment
c) runoff
d) pesticide

rain runs off the surface of earth, picking up trash/pollution
a) runoff
b) first flush
c) water cycle
d) percolation

soil deposited by running water, wind or gravity
a) sediment
b) runoff
c) strip mining
d) resources

removal of whole ecosystem by explosives during the digging up of resources
a) strip mining
b) transpiration
c) recharge zone
d) overfishing

full of holes, water filters through it
a) porosity
b) potable
c) pollution
d) plastic

safe to drink
a) potable
b) fertilizer
c) pesticide
d) first flush

replenishable; can always make/get more when used: animals, plants, wind, solar, hydroelectricity...
a) renewable resource
b) nonrenewable resource
c) biodegradable
d) nonbiodegradable

petroleum product that takes hundreds/thousands of years to break down
a) plastic
b) paper
c) plant roots
d) clay

bug killer (poison)
a) pesticide
b) fertilizer
c) fresh water
d) surface water

prevents soil erosion
a) plant roots
b) overfishing
c) pollution
d) run off

water on earth's surface (lake, river, ocean...)
a) surface water
b) groundwater
c) aquifer
d) transpiration

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