Middle Ages Question Preview (ID: 59474)

Vocabulary Review.

Nicknamed “The Hammer.” Won the Battle of Tours; Charlemagne’s grandfather
a) Charlemagne
b) King Henry
c) Charles Martel
d) Sir Charles

Frankish King that converted to Christianity to create an alliance with the Roman Catholic Church and unite his people
a) Charlemagne
b) Clovis
c) Charles Martel
d) King William

Frankish king who encouraged education for all and was the 1st Holy Roman Emperor
a) Charlemagne
b) King James
c) Clovis
d) Charles Martel

MIddle Ages soldier that fought on horseback using a lance or sword when on foot
a) Serf
b) Warrior
c) Knight
d) Fief

Person who works the land for a lord in return for land to live on some crops to feed themselves
a) Fief
b) Serf
c) Slave
d) Servant

Person of nobility in the Middle Ages that was given land in return for loyalty/work
a) Knight
b) King
c) Serf
d) Lord

Place where monks live, teach, educate and provide charity to travelers
a) Monastery
b) Temple
c) Church
d) Castle

Someone who spreads the Christian religion to different areas
a) Monk
b) Missionary
c) Knight
d) Priest

Event that stopped the Muslim invasion and kept Christianity as the dominant religion in Western Europe
a) Battle of Middle Ages
b) Battle of the Lords
c) Battle of the Knights
d) Battle of Tours

Unique symbol that distinguishes one knight from another
a) coat of arms
b) coat of courage
c) coat of the knight
d) coat of courage

System in which knights give their loyalty to a lord in return for land/crops
a) chivalry
b) Feudalism
c) homage
d) vassal

Union of craftsman that set goods prices and standards
a) Guild
b) Guide
c) Tarrot
d) Tax

An area of land given to a lord by their king
a) Field
b) Crop
c) Fief
d) Pasture

Respect shown to one's’ lord through wearing their colors or symbol
a) missionary
b) chivalry
c) coat of arms
d) Homage

Time period in European history that had little progress in technology, inventions, the economy and medicine.
a) Middle Ages
b) Black Plague
c) Dark Ages
d) End of an Era

Invaders from Scandinavia that would raid and plunder villages and monasteries
a) Vikings
b) Knights
c) Martels
d) Warriors

Person that was given land in return for loyalty and work
a) serf
b) vassal
c) lord
d) knight

System in which land is given to peasants in return for them working the land and providing their lord with crops
a) Mannor System
b) Three Field System
c) Feudalism
d) Middle Ages System

Farming method that was more efficient and created more crop production
a) Two Field Systme
b) Three Field System
c) Manor System
d) Castle System

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