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The force of freezing water in the cracks and pores of a rock is an example of
a) chemical weathering
b) mechanical weathering
c) oxidation
d) desertification

The breakdown of rock by acidic water is an example of
a) chemical weathering
b) mechanical weathering
c) oxidation
d) desertification

Soil is a mixture of what four materials?
a) granite, limestone, nitrogen, air
b) plant roots, iron oxides, water, and air
c) rock particles, plant roots, humus, and nitrogen
d) rock particles, humus, water and air

What is the main component of soil?
a) humus
b) water
c) air
d) rock particles

What is humus?
a) decomposed rock particles in soil
b) decomposed organic matter in soil
c) the material that makes up the B horizon
d) the material that makes up the C horizon

Three factors that affect the rate of weathering are:
a) microorganisms, plants, and animals
b) weather, landforms, and rainfall
c) surface area, rock composition, and climate
d) texture, color, and pore space

Microorganisms affect the quality of soil by
a) creating tunnels
b) absorbing water
c) increasing mechanical weathering
d) decomposing organic matter

The movement of air and water through a soil is influenced by the soil's
a) color and chemistry
b) texture and pore space
c) ph and nitrogen content
d) microorganisms

Contour plowing, strip cropping, and terracing are conservation methods designed to reduce the
a) activity of microorganisms
b) acidity of soil
c) pore space of soil
d) runoff of water

Which one is Not a soil conservation method?
a) crop rotation
b) terraces
c) windbreaks
d) strip mining

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