Solving Equations Using Distributive Property Question Preview (ID: 59466)

10 Questions Solving Equations That Have Distributive Property.

a) x=2
b) x=3
c) x=4
d) x=5

38 = -2(3x+2)
a) x=5
b) x=-7
c) x=11
d) x=-5

3(x-2) = 36
a) x=10
b) x=5
c) x=14
d) x=-5

4(x-1) = 36
a) x=4
b) x=3
c) x=10
d) x=12

2(8+x) = 22
a) x=3
b) x=2
c) x=1
d) x=-1

-2(x+3) = 0
a) x=1
b) x=0
c) x=-2
d) x=-3

-3(2x+7) = -18
a) x=-0.5
b) x=0.5
c) x=2
d) x=-2

2(3-x) = -14
a) x=6
b) x=-7
c) x=10
d) x=-10

a) x=1
b) x=2
c) x=3
d) x=4

800 = 20(6+x)
a) x=12
b) x=24
c) x=34
d) x=40

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