History Chapter 8 Review Question Preview (ID: 59464)

Review For Chapter Test.

What did the Freedman’s Bureau do?
a) provided food and clothing to freed slaves and poor white Southerners and set up schools for black people
b) provided life insurance to those in the South
c) provided furniture to those in the South

What outlawed slavery?
a) 13th Amendment
b) Freedman's Bureau
c) Black Codes

What laws did Southern states pass that limited the rights of black Americans?
a) Black Codes
b) 14th Amendment
c) Freedman's Bureau

What defended civil rights
a) 14th Amendment
b) 15th Amendment
c) Black Codes

What was passed by Congress to establish military control of states that seceded from the Union and to ensure that new governments had racial equality?
a) Reconstruction Act of 1867
b) 14th Amendment
c) Black Codes

Often immigrants and black people became ____________.
a) cowboys
b) homesick
c) missionaries

What laws did the Democrats pass during Reconstruction to segregate black people and discriminate against them?
a) Jim Crow laws
b) Fourteenth Amendment
c) Reconstruction Act of 1867

Who did the railroad bring West?
a) easterners
b) Chinese immigrants
c) Northern Republicans

After Abraham Lincoln died, who became President?
a) Andrew Johnson
b) Andrew Jackson
c) Chief Sitting Bull

George Custer, Sitting Bull, and Crazy Horse were leaders involved in what battle?
a) The Battle of Little Bighorn
b) Custer's Last Stand
c) The Crazy Horse got way

What is the name of the secret group that arose in the South that used violent methods to prevent black people from exercising their civil rights?
a) Ku Klux Klan
b) Carpetbaggers
c) Vigilante's

What is scalawag?
a) a white Southerner who worked with Northerners during Reconstruction
b) a small animal that is very fast
c) someone who took the law into his own hand

Who did the ranchers in the West have conflict with?
a) sheepmen
b) Chinese immigrants
c) Southern Democratics

What is the word that means to separate people from the rest of society because of their skin color or religion?
a) segregate
b) impeach
c) fraud

What is a carpetbagger?
a) a Northerner who moved South to get a government job after the Civil War
b) a Southerner who bags groceries
c) immigrants who rode the railroad to the West

What is the act of cheating to gain something unlawfully?
a) fraud
b) segregate
c) impeach

What does impeach mean?
a) to accuse a public official of wrongdoing while in office
b) to take the seed out of a peach
c) to take justice into your own hands

What is it called when a person takes the law into his own hands?
a) vigilante justice
b) justice of the peace
c) impeach

What prevented states from denying black people the right to vote?
a) 15th Amendment
b) Black Codes
c) Freedman's Bureau

How did the westward expansion bring opportunity to some people and injustice to others?
a) Many made a new life in the West through hard work but Native Americans suffered much as they were pushed off their
b) Cow transportation
c) Hitching rides on the railroad

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