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Who in Sadako's family died from the atomic bomb?
a) Sadako's aunt
b) Sadako's uncle
c) Sadako's grandmother
d) Sadako's cousin

. WhatWhat does Sadako want more than anything else in Chapter 3?
a) to have her own room
b) to get an A+ on her chemistry test
c) to get on the relay team in junior high school
d) for summer to come

What is the atom bomb disease?
a) heart disease
b) diabetes
c) rubella
d) lukemia

According to legend, what happens if a sick person folds 1,000 paper cranes?
a) The gods will grant her wish and make her healthy again
b) She will live 1,000 years
c) She will turn into a crane and fly away
d) She will forget her sadness

What does Masahiro promise to do for Sadako?
a) Keep her secrets
b) hang every crane she makes
c) write a letter to her class
d) make her laugh everyday

. What does the bamboo class send to Sadako to cheer her up?
a) A maneki neko doll.
b) A daruma doll.
c) A kokeshi doll
d) A bunka doll

What is O Bon?
a) A memorial for brave soldiers
b) a food festival
c) a cherry blossom festival
d) a celebration for the spirits of the dead

What does Sadako get to do for O Bon
a) Go home for a visit
b) Go to school for a day
c) Give a crane to the Mayor
d) Eat any food she wants to

What does Sadako's family give her at the end of the story?
a) A crane made of real gold
b) A silk kimono
c) A letter from her bamboo class
d) A pair of new running shoes

Who is the author of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes?
a) Marguerite Henry
b) Eleanor Coerr
c) Thomas Rockwell
d) R. J. Palacio

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