4th STAAR Review: Determine Word Meaning Question Preview (ID: 59451)

Practice Using Background Knowledge And Context Clues To Determine The Meaning Of An Unknown Word.

Soon it would be time for Keagan to go on stage. There were hundreds of people in the audience and he would be singing all by himself. He felt queasy. Maybe he would tell his teacher he couldn’t do it. He wondered if he had a fever. His face felt red
a) happy
b) feeling sick
c) confident
d) hungry

Maria’s dad was worried. The glowing light on the dashboard seemed to indicate that something was wrong with the car. They were way out in the country miles from help. He slowed down while he decided what to do next. In the paragraph, the word indica
a) point out
b) part of a car
c) flash
d) problem

Dylan received a model rocket for his birthday. He and his dad spent many hours building it. Today they would finally launch it to see how well it would fly. Dylan was very excited. He checked everything again and again to make sure everything was re
a) a meal
b) stop from moving
c) send into the air
d) make from parts

As Natalie wandered through the castle she peeked into many different areas. She found bedrooms, storage rooms, a giant dining room, and many bathrooms. One particular chamber was her favorite. She could imagine it was used just for birthday parties.
a) palace
b) room
c) party
d) looked

Noah had an unusual talent. He discovered at a young age that he could imitate the sounds of things around him. He could produce sounds like a cat or dog, a doorbell or a horn, soon he was able to mimic the voices of other people. In the paragraph, t
a) whisper
b) talk
c) understand
d) copy

Sadie was surprised by the subway station. She thought it would be dirty and smelly. But it wasn’t and a beautiful mural of the changes in transportation covered the entire long wall. Sadie almost missed her train because she was busy enjoying the pa
a) video
b) artwork
c) cars
d) station

Elizabeth was invited to a fancy party. All of the ladies looked so elegant in their fine gowns. The table had more forks than she had ever seen before! The violins played beautiful music. The whole night she felt like a princess. In the paragraph, t
a) refined, excellent
b) funny, unusual
c) sad, unfriendly
d) scary, mean

While planting her garden, Abby was enjoying all of nature around her. The sights of the new green plants, the colorful butterflies, and the squirrels chasing each other across the lawn filled her with happiness. Her cheeks were a bright crimson and
a) sweat
b) red
c) calm
d) face

When Evan reached the immense boulder during the hike, he did not know what to do. It was too big to go over. There did not seem to be a path around it. He opened his guide book and searched for an answer. In the paragraph, the word immense means
a) rock
b) track
c) large
d) difficult

The squawking of thousands of birds migrating overhead seemed to last for hours. It was hard to talk with each other over the noise. Finally, the flight of birds ended for the day and the sound ceased. In the paragraph, the word ceased means -----.
a) stopped
b) flying
c) started
d) noise

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