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A mineral is a substance that forms
a) from rocks
b) in liquid
c) from one element
d) in nature

A crystal structure is characteristic of
a) an element
b) a mineral
c) magma
d) a rock

A mineral is made up of one or more
a) ores
b) elements
c) compounds
d) rocks

How is it possible for two different minerals to have the same chemical composition?
a) They have different crystal structures
b) They have different appearances
c) Only one is a rock forming mineral
d) One is formed by organisms

Which of the following is the least reliable clue to a mineral\'s identity?
a) color
b) luster
c) hardness
d) density

Gemstones are used in
a) building materials
b) jewlery making
c) automobile parts
d) paper products

What is the hardest mineral known?
a) feldspar
b) quartz
c) topaz
d) diamond

What mineral property would tell if it were metallic?
a) streak
b) hardness
c) luster
d) cleavage

What is a mineral\'s hardness?
a) density
b) cleavage
c) resistance to being scratched
d) shine

What scale is used to determine a mineral\'s hardness?
a) triple beam balance
b) balance scale
c) mohs scale
d) weight scale

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