POB Objective 2.02 Question Preview (ID: 59448)

Objective 2.02.

Information usually comes in either physical form or __________ form.
a) book
b) note card
c) verbal
d) electronic

Which of the following is an example of a type of information a business must manage:
a) Government spending
b) Employees’ personal bills
c) Competitors’ payrolls
d) Accounting records

A benefit of informed decisions is that they
a) are usually bad decisions
b) reduce a business’s risk
c) cost less money
d) hurt a business’s chances at competing

Appropriate information management saves businesses time and money by
a) maintaining higher levels of productivity
b) increasing information overload.
c) increasing paper trails
d) maintaining yearly raises for employees.

How does appropriate information management affect a business’s relationship with its customers?
a) Businesses earn higher profits
b) Businesses lose focus on customers
c) Businesses serve customers more effectively
d) Businesses make better financial decisions

Which of the following is a trend in information management
a) Decreased competition
b) Decreased number of electronic documents
c) Increased number of workers in the office
d) Increased compliance laws and regulations

Managing information for business continuity is important in case of
a) high employee turnover
b) low sales volume
c) a disaster
d) a drop in stock price

Managing information regarding copyrights and trademarks helps a company to preserve its
a) inventory.
b) correspondence
c) customers.
d) identity.

Which of the following U.S. laws relates to information management:
a) The Sherman Anti-Trust Act
b) The Sarbanes-Oxley Act
c) The Landrum-Griffin Act
d) The Taft-Hartley Act

Appropriate information management helps a business build a good reputation by
a) being consistent.
b) charging high prices
c) eliminating all mistakes
d) offering quality products

Who is responsible for information management?
a) The information management department
b) An information technology manager
c) Everyone in the organization
d) The chief executive officer

Carson is a staff accountant, and he needs to look at last year’s tax return. However, he can’t find it anywhere. Which information management guideline is not being followed in this situation?
a) Make sure that information is retrievable
b) Make sure that information is accurate
c) Set and consistently follow organizational information management practices
d) Prioritize information management needs according to business needs

A risk involved with information management is being unprepared for a government
a) tax break
b) audit
c) election
d) Loan

Information management can be a challenge because the business world is
a) constantly changing.
b) suffering from a lack of information.
c) not open to new technology
d) completely dependent on paper files

Information management can be a challenge because
a) there is often not enough information to manage
b) there is only one right way to do it
c) many people don’t understand what it is
d) no one wants to participate in it.

A risk involved with information management is leaving customers unprotected from
a) bad customer service
b) identity theft
c) high prices
d) faulty products

Wireless networks are now more common due to
a) information overload
b) government regulations requiring them
c) increased competition
d) increased distribution of the workforce

Which of the following is a true statement about information:
a) It is simple to manage.
b) It is data put into a useful form.
c) It is the same thing as data.
d) It has no value for an organization

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