Feelings 'apostrophe' Review Game A1 Question Preview (ID: 59447)

's Review.

____ sick.
a) It
b) He
c) Hes
d) He's

_______ tired.
a) She's
b) She
c) She are
d) Shes

_____ excited.
a) Hes
b) He's
c) he
d) Hes'

____ bored.
a) hes
b) he's
c) He's
d) he

______ bored.
a) Shes
b) she's
c) She's
d) She

He's ______.
a) sick
b) Sick
c) are sick
d) is sick

She's ______.
a) are excited
b) is excited
c) excited
d) Excited

He's _______.
a) Bored
b) are bored
c) is bored
d) bored

She__ excited
a) s
b) s'
c) 's
d) are

He__ excited.
a) s'
b) s
c) 's
d) are

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