POB Objective 1.04 Question Preview (ID: 59446)

Objective 1.04.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that customer relationship management refers solely to
a) technology
b) strategies

Which of the following is an example of a customer relationship management initiative:
a) A “frequent-shopper” program
b) New accounting software

In the past, customer relationship management was used mainly as a way to
a) increase customer loyalty
b) track customer information

Customers tend to look at a business as a whole despite the number of __________ they experience
a) Touch points
b) feedback surveys

In the modern business world, a growing number of interactions between businesses and customers are taking place
a) over the phone
b) online
c) In person
d) on facebook

Which of the following is no longer a consideration in customers’ buying decisions for many products:
a) Store location
b) Price
c) Business hours
d) Number of stores

Our economy has shifted from a service economy to a(n) __________ economy
a) time
b) entertainment
c) experience
d) impact

The main difference between customer relationship management and customer experience management is that CRM focuses on
a) the business itself
b) Business hours
c) employees
d) customers

Having clear customer relationship management goals before putting a program into place helps businesses to avoid
a) having unsatisfied customers
b) purchasing irrelevant technology

Which of the following types of information does a company need customer input to obtain:
a) Dates of store visits
b) Store hours
c) Suggestions for new products
d) Hiring of employees

Which of the following is a common customer relationship management practice
a) Developing new products
b) Training employees

Customer relationship management can help a business to identify its
a) Late employees
b) most talented employees
c) newest employees
d) most valuable customers

Which of the following is a benefit of customer relationship management:
a) The opportunity to create targeted marketing campaigns
b) A work force that does not commit errors

Customer relationship management increases sales and profits by increasing
a) prices
b) customer loyalty

A business’s organizational structure can sometimes have a negative effect on customer relationship management because
a) the marketing department has the most power
b) different departments have different methods

What component of customer relationship management often “makes or breaks” a business’s program?
a) Processes
b) location
c) Time
d) People

When a business communicates customer-centric values and ideals to its employees on a consistent basis, it is developing its
a) corporate culture
b) organizational structure

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