POB Objective 1 Question Preview (ID: 59442)

Objective 1.

What are the four communication styles that are appropriate to use when targeting an audience?
a) Research, Process, Impact, outcome
b) Research, Specificity, Needs, Strategy
c) Research, Formative, Process, Impact
d) Formative, Process, Impact, outcome

What is the first thing you should remember when a caller is very difficult and complaining?
a) You are speaking with your mom
b) You are speaking with your boss
c) You are speaking with a client or potential client
d) You are speaking with your competition

What are the five ways to communicate in Business?
a) In Person, Email, Letter, Phone, Memo
b) In Person, Instagram, Letter, phone, memo
c) Facebook, email, letter, phone, memo
d) Tic Tok, in person, phone, letter, memo

Business communication involves the
a) Clients
b) Current projects
c) Exchange of information
d) Social media

Written communication should always conclude with a:
a) Call to action
b) Call to run
c) Call to vote
d) Call to move

The three format/types of Business communication are:
a) Verbal, silence, written
b) Memo, verbal, written
c) Written, social, memo
d) Verbal, written, electronic

Joe is a controller when it comes to communication style. If you are communicating with Joe, you should make sure you:
a) Get to the point
b) Ask about his family
c) Present facts and data
d) Slow down, take your time

In the model of communication, we studied we learned that the main parts where a sender, a message, and a _____________
a) Socializer
b) Controller
c) Receiver
d) Analyzer

Written Business communication is used to:
a) Formalize the information sending
b) Invite someone to a party
c) Send coupons
d) Bill someone

In order to be understood on the telephone, a business’s employees should always:
a) Speak from notes
b) Use technical terminology
c) Enunciate clearly
d) Speak rapidly

To be able to explain and defend their ideas objectively to others, individuals usually need to have which type of effective skills?
a) Computer
b) Technical
c) Verbal
d) Reading

The primary reason the business benefits when salespersons practice good customer relations is that it:
a) Develops repeat customers
b) Prevents customer objections
c) Promotes quality service
d) Segments the business’s market

When organizing information to present in a business report, it is effective to:
a) Remain objective
b) Interpret the data
c) Develop an outline
d) Determine the purpose

Monitors, Keyboards, and hard drives are examples of computer
a) Language
b) Networks
c) Hardware
d) Standards

If you are sending something with a letter you should put this at the bottom:
a) Copy notation
b) Complimentary close
c) Signature line
d) Enclosure notation

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