Chapter 11 Science Question Preview (ID: 59439)

Respiratory System.

A DISORDER that causes small bronchial tubes to become narrow from time to time is called?
a) strep throat
b) asthma
c) bronchitis
d) trachea

are tiny air sacs at the end of the bronchioles where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide take place.
a) Bronchi
b) Capillaries
c) Bronchioles
d) Alveoli

What are the two small tubes that the trachea branches off into called?
a) bronchi
b) bronchioles
c) alveoli
d) capillaries

What are the tiny hair-like structures that line your nasal passages called?
a) mucus
b) capillaries
c) cillia
d) alveoli

What are the two small bands of tissue that are stretched across the inside the of the larynx called?
a) cillia
b) cartilage
c) vocal cords
d) bronchi

occurs whenever air cannot flow freely through the back of the mouth and the nose.
a) snoring
b) coughing
c) sneezing
d) yelling

is also called the windpipe.
a) esophagus
b) larynx
c) trachea
d) pharynx

is the amount of air that can be taken into the lungs with one breath.
a) lung capacity
b) bronchitis
c) asthma
d) strep throat

What are tiny blood vessels that surround the alveoli called?
a) cillia
b) capillaries
c) alveoli
d) trachea

is a LUNG infection caused by viruses or bacteria that causes the lungs to fill with fluid making it difficult for the lungs to fill properly with air.
a) Strep throat
b) Bronchitis
c) Pneumonia
d) Sore throat

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