4th STAAR Review: Dictionary Entry Question Preview (ID: 59434)

Practice Choosing The Definition Of A Word Used In A Passage.

Springtime brings more hours of sunshine each day. The sun brings warmth and light , which makes the plants begin to grow again. Animals return from migration and come out of hibernation. What does light mean?
a) a pale, soft color
b) opposite of dark
c) lamp
d) set on fire

Jimmy was ready to give up. Subtraction just did not make any sense! But his favorite teacher, Mr. Morris had encouraged him to stick with it, so he kept working. Finally, he thought he was getting it. What does stick mean?
a) to stay with
b) a small branch broken from a bush or tree
c) to pierce or puncture
d) to fasten or attach

The cowboys and cow dogs worked all day to move the cattle to their new pasture. The cows did not really want to move. Sometimes the men and dogs had to form a ring around the cattle to force them in the right direction. What does ring mean?
a) jewelry you were on your finger
b) the sound a telephone makes
c) performance area at a circus
d) to block something by forming a circle around it

“Grandpa,” asked David, “Will you help me make a birdhouse?” “What do you need help with, Dave?” replied Grandpa. “I can’t saw the wood the right way,” complained David. “Here let’s put it in this clamp first,”suggested Grandpa.What does saw mean?
a) a tool for cutting
b) to cut something
c) the past form of see
d) an old saying

Looking through the microscope, Dylan tried to spot each part of the insect as the teacher described it. It was not easy as the insect continued to wriggle on the dish. Dylan thought someday he might be a scientist. What does spot mean?
a) to mark with dots
b) to see
c) a small stain
d) a place

Matthew stared at the his opponent.They had struggled for what seemed like hours. First their arms would tilt to one side and then the other. Neither boy could get the other to give in. “I guess I’ve met my match,” thought Bob. What does match mean?
a) a game such as in chess, soccer, or tennis
b) two things that are similar
c) a thin piece of wood that starts fires
d) an equal

Alyssa visits the park each Saturday morning. She brings bread to feed the ducks. One duck seems to recognize her when she arrives. That special duck lets her put the bread in his bill, then waits for more.What does the word bill mean in the passage?
a) a statement of money owed
b) the visor of a cap
c) a piece of paper money
d) the parts of a bird’s jaw

We looked up as we stood at the foot of the mountain, we could hardly believe we could climb it. But we certainly wanted to try, so we gathered our backpacks and started making our way up the trail. What does the word foot mean in this passage?
a) the bottom part of a leg
b) twelve inches
c) to pay or settle
d) bottom, base

The rock climber clipped his rope carefully to his harness. There were very few finger or toe holds on this giant boulder. This rock would be one of the hardest he had ever tried to scale. What does the word scale mean in this passage?
a) musical notes
b) to climb
c) tool for measuring weight
d) a line showing distance on a map

Samuel was in a hurry to get to his baseball game. His mom kept reminding him of his chores. She asked if his room was neat, then she reminded him that it was his turn to clean the shower. What does the word shower mean in this passage?
a) a party to celebrate
b) rain
c) a place to bathe
d) to wash yourself

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