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5th Grade Standards.

Which type of organism only eats producers (plants)
a) herbivore
b) carnivore
c) omnivore
d) decomposer

measures air pressure
a) barometer
b) thermometer
c) hygrometer
d) rain guage

Traits that are passed down from parents
a) learned behavior
b) adapted
c) inheritedd

Which classification best describes herbivores?
a) producers
b) consumers
c) predators
d) decomposers

Which is an example of a trait that is inherited?
a) dimples
b) intelligence
c) weight
d) favorite color

Which type of organism only eats meat?
a) decomposer
b) herbivore
c) carnivore
d) omnivore

13 Which statement best describes how a multicellular organism survives?
a) Every cell carries out the same functions for the survival of the organism.
b) The cells all have the same structures that allow the organism to survive.
c) All life processes are performed by each cell for the survival of the organism.
d) The cells have different functions, and together they are essential for the survival of the organism.

Which is most responsible for the changes in seasons?
a) the jet stream
b) the tilt of Earth on its axis
c) the distance from the earth to the sun
d) the ocean currents

Which is a characteristic of most single-celled organisms?
a) They have a complex nervous system
b) They contain several different types of cells.
c) They perform all life processes.
d) They have a circulatory and a respiratory system

Which type of animal usually eats both producers and consumers?
a) an omnivore
b) a carnivore
c) a herbivore
d) a decomposer

Students observed a piece of iron change from shiny to rusty. What caused this change?
a) a heat reaction
b) a cold reaction
c) a physical reaction
d) a chemical reaction

When the sun warms water, which resulting process occurs?
a) precipitation
b) runoff
c) evaporation
d) condensation

distance and time are used to find the
a) speed
b) distance
c) force
d) direction

This type of air pattern is most responsible for NC's weather
a) polar easterlies
b) jet stream
c) prevailing westeries
d) gulf stream

a) type of consumer that only eats meats
b) type of consumer that only eats plants
c) type of consumer that eats meats and plants
d) is a producer

Gulf Stream
a) This is an ocean current that is responsible for impacting North Carolinas weather making it warmer.
b) Air current that impacts North Carolinas weather.

Which of these traits is most influenced by a person’s environment?
a) ability to roll the tongue
b) blood type
c) height
d) eye color

Which system in the human body includes the heart, blood, arteries, and veins?
a) cardiovascular
b) digestive
c) circulatory
d) respiratory

Which system is responsible for breaking down food for energy
a) respiratory
b) digestive
c) circulatory
d) skeletal

In which system are blood cells made in bone marrow?
a) digestive
b) respiratory
c) skeletal
d) muscular

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